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Paediatric Neurology Consultation

Child neurologists specialize in identifying and treating disorders of the nervous system and brain At Braintree, We have the most experienced neurologist to do the clinical assessment of your child.

Please book an appointment if your child is facing any of the following conditions

 If the child is not developing at the same rate or pace as other children the same age

 If there are delays in motor skills, speech and language, and social and play skills

 If you notice red flags including delays in social communication and play, and an increase in repetitive behaviors and behavioral disruption

 If there is a loss of previously-acquired developmental milestones, like speech or eye contact or play. About 30 percent of children with autism do lose skills between 18 months and 2 years of age, and a small fraction of them have seizures as an underlying cause

 If there is a history of seizure-like jerking movements or staring spells indicating a possible seizure

 If there are concerns of hyperactivity, sleep issues, feeding problems

 If there's a concern about hypotonia [low muscle tone] or motor abnormalities – if the child is a very floppy baby or one side of his body is stronger than the other

For Appointment and Early Diagnosis
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